One Hundred Years of Energy

Reform of the Russian Electric Power Industry in 1998-2008
The session will be devoted to the discussion of the global experience of reforming the electric power industry, the context of the Russian reform and proposals for analyzing its results.

1. What does the global experience of power sector reforms tell us about success or failure factors?
2. How to evaluate the effects of power sector reform?
3. What are the prerequisites and context for the reform of the Russian electric power industry? Do we expect it to grow explosively?
4. How to analyze the impact of the power industry reform in Russia on the industry itself, on its consumers and suppliers, on macroeconomic trends, and climate change?

The panel will end with discussant and participant comments and responses to the remarks and suggestions made.
Yury Udaltsov
Member of the Executive Board, Head of the Department for Electricity Sector Reform at UES of Russia
Vadim Volkov
Rector of the European University at St. Petersburg
Guest Speakers
Anna Creti
Professor of Economics at the Commodities and Energy Geopolitics Center of the Paris-Dauphine University, France
Ilya Dolmatov
Director of the HSE Institute for Economics and Regulation of Natural Monopolies
Oleg Kalinko
Key Partners Director of the Skolkovo Foundation
Andrey Kaukin
Acting Research Director of Center for Real Sector at Gaidar Institute for Economic Policy (RANEPA)
David Newbery
Emeritus Professor and Director of the Energy Policy Research Group at the University of Cambridge, UK
Michael Pollitt
Professor of Business Economics, Assistant Director of the Energy Policy Research Group at the University of Cambridge, UK
Federico Pontoni
Assistant Professor in Energy Economics at the University of Milan, Research Fellow at the Centre for Geography, Resources, Environment, Energy and Networks at the Bocconi University, Italy
Yulia Vymyatnina
Professor, Head of the Department of Economics of the European University at St. Petersburg
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