One Hundred Years of Energy

Russia in Technological Revolutions of the 21st Century in the Electric Power Industry: An Observer or a Participant?
The session will be dedicated to Russia’s place in technological revolutions. The main questions to discuss will be:

1. Can we expect significant growth in electricity consumption in Russia in the coming decades?
2. Will the widespread use of energy storage lead to a fundamental change in the electric power industry? How will energy storage affect dispatching?
3. What is the point of decentralized power generation in Russia? Do we expect it to grow explosively?
4. Why Russia needs RES? What is the RES development path in Russia and how different is it from the global path?
5. How will digitalization affect the development of the electric power industry?
Anatoly Chubays
Chairman, RAO Unified Energy System of Russia (1998–2008)
Guest Speakers
Boris Ayuev
Chairman of the System Operator of the United Power System of Russia Management Board
Evgeniy Grabchak
Deputy Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation
Andrey Makarov
Full Professor of the Department of Systems for Energy Industry and Industrial Enterprise Management at the School of Economics and Management of the Ural Federal University
Kimal Yusupov
General Manager of Vestas Rus
Parviz Abdushukurov
Vice President for Operations of PAO Fortum
From the collection of RAO Unified Energy System of Russia
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