One Hundred Years of Energy
One Hundred
Years of Energy
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The International Forum One Hundred Years of Energy about the development outcomes and long-term trends in the Russian and global power industry will be held online on December 17, 2020 in Skolkovo.

The Forum will start with a panel session on Electricity in the 21st Century — 7 Revolutions. The electric power industry, the changes occurring in it or caused by it in other industries will constitute the core discussion subjects of the session. Technological revolutions unfolding in the modern power industry in Russia and in the world will be considered primarily:
1. Second electrification
2. Industrial energy storage
3. Decentralization, distributed energy and consumer independence
4. Decarbonization — transition from hydrocarbons to renewable energy sources and hydrogen in lieu of hydrocarbons
5. Direct current — from high voltage lines to households
6. Digitalization
7. Wireless long distance power transmission
The session Russia in Technological Revolutions of the 21st Century in the Electric Power Industry: An Observer or a Participant? will be dedicated to Russia’s place in technological revolutions. The main questions to discuss will be:
1. Can we expect significant growth in electricity consumption in Russia in the coming decades?
2. Will the widespread use of energy storage lead to a fundamental change in the electric power industry? How will energy storage affect dispatching?
3. What is the point of decentralized power generation in Russia? Do we expect it to grow explosively?
4. Why Russia needs RES? What is the RES development path in Russia and how different is it from the global path?
5. How will digitalization affect the development of the electric power industry?
The third session will be held in the format of an academic discussion of the Reform of the Russian Electric Power Industry in 1998−2008. Russian and foreign scholars will exchange opinions on the methodology of evaluating the results of infrastructure reforms and on the main directions of such evaluation of the Russian reform.
The round table Russia and Global Energy Transition: Driver or Opponent? will conclude the forum. It will consider the role of the Russian electric power industry in the global context of climate management, decarbonization and reduction of CO2 emissions as well as development of hydrogen energy.

The Forum is organized by the European University at St. Petersburg in cooperation with the Skolkovo Foundation.
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